Tushar Mathur: Editor-In-Chief

Tushar’s main goal is to spot good news-worthy info and get it out to the public as soon as possible.

He has been writing about Personal Finance and Investing in India for the last 3 years.

You can reach him at: tushar@forexnewsresource.com

Malvika Sampat: Editor and News Coordinator

Malvika Sampat

Malvika Sampat is a freelance writer who writes on a broad range of subjects for blogs, websites and ezines.

She ensures that her clients are benefited by her copy and marketing writing skills.

You can reach her at: malvika@forexnewsresource.com

Shailesh Vyas: Contributor

Shailesh Vyas

Shailesh is a web designer an IT Trainer a KPO Expert and is working at BAKP back end solutions in Jodhpur.

He has been working in Content and Technical Writing for quite some time now.

You can reach him at: shailesh@forexnewsresource.com

Vibi Krishnan: Contributor

Ritu Dey

Vibi is a B.tech IT student and enjoys writing, especially on Sports and Technology related niche. He has also been working on several kinds of Data entry projects.

You can reach him at: vibi@forexnewsresource.com