The kiwi retreated at the end of last week on a rise in risk aversion

The kiwi dollar struggled on Friday enabling the pound to jump 1.4%, briefly nearing the 2.30 level, as risk appetite in the market waned.

  • Higher-risk currencies struggled to make headway at the end of last week as the rally in global equities in the wake of the positive US GDP data came to an abrupt halt.
  • As global stocks fell, investors sought shelter in the haven currencies fuelling a sell-off in the higher-yielding kiwi dollar, buoying the sterling price.
  • In trading this morning, the New Zealand dollar has pulled back from six-week lows against the pound, with profit taking in high-yield currencies taking a pause.
  • Support has also come from improved manufacturing data in China, a key importer of New Zealand goods, which has outweighed some of the negative sentiment toward the currency.
  • Analysts have noted though that reduced support for a rise in interest rates and lower risk appetite may prevent the kiwi from regaining its strong valuation.