Sterling fell just 0.03% against the kiwi yesterday, but has suffered in trading this morning

The pound slowed its rate of decline against the kiwi yesterday, falling just 0.03% as weak Asian trading dulled risk appetite.

  • The pound slipped lower, but stemmed its rate of decline as demand for the higher-yielding currency was curbed following weaker trading on the Asian markets.
  • Sterling has been broadly sold recently following comments from the King and BoE, however the strong European stocks prevented the pound from sliding too sharply yesterday.
  • Major European and US stock indices climbed between 1 and 2%, firming up confidence in the global recovery, and lending slight support to the ailing pound.
  • In trading this morning however, the kiwi has already advanced 0.7% following positive building consents data from New Zealand, which has encouraged investor demand.
  • Analysts say that with stocks continuing to push higher and central banks not yet ready to unwind stimulus measures, the New Zealand dollar is likely to maintain its upward trend.