the Data from UK have supported the pound

Net public sector borrowing in September reached a record high, but were slightly above forecasts. The need for public sector cash flow in September also proved to be a record, but also below analysts’ forecasts. Costs continue to rise by around 5% per year, however, with tax revenues falling by 10%. Despite the fact that the outlook for the UK is improving, the recovery had been sluggish, and tax revenues in the foreseeable future is likely to continue to fall, and in the absence of action by the state budget deficit continues to grow. Couple pound / dollar recovered from lows near $ 1.6352 level and in anticipation of release of data on the UK traded at $ 1.6380 – after these couple rose to the level of $ 1.6405. Then the pair fell to $ 1.6380. Ofer located on the approach to $ 1.6400 (50% from $ 1.6447 – $ 1.6352), the interest is observed near the level of $ 1.6410 (61.8%) – in case of a breakthrough is possible to increase the mark of $ 1.6425 (76.4%). A strong interest is noted on the approach to the level of $ 1.6450 (previously achieved a maximum of $ 1.6447). Stops are marked above the level of $ 1.6450. Support is still near $ 1.6350. Euro / pound adjusted highs of stg0.9151, reached in early European session, and has declined to support in stg0.9125/20. Breakthrough below this level will lead to a further decline to a minimum on a pair of stg0.9105. Ofer located from the level stg0.9150 until stg0.9160.