Surprise Rate Hike Pushes Norway’s Krone Up

Norwegian KroneThe Norwegian currency climbed today versus most of 16 main traded currencies after the nation’s central bank rose its benchmark interest rate surprising analysts and attracting traders to krone-priced assets.

Aussie Dollar Drops on Monetary Policy Change

Australian dollarThe Australian dollar has been one of the best performers in currency markets during the past few months as it was the first country to raise interest rates among the wealthy nations, today the sentiment towards the Aussie changed after surprising statements from the country’s financial authorities.

Dollar Down on Fed Frustrating Statement

US DollarThe dollar declined versus a number of currencies today after the Federal Reserve signaled interest rates will remain low for a longer period, declining attractiveness for the U.S. currency in foreign exchange markets.

Euro to Tumble Further on Market Sentiment Shift

EuroThe euro has been falling steadily since the beginning of the month when it touched the highest rate in 15 months versus the dollar, as speculations emerged in the U.S. that interest rates will be hiked from an all time low, declining attractiveness for the European bloc’s currency.

Swedish Krona Down on U.S. Optimism

Swedish kronaThe Swedish krona has been losing terrain versus the dollar as the U.S. economy signals of recovery has been leaving space for speculations regarding interest rate hikes, declining attractiveness for the Swedish currency.

Inflation Growth Helps Pound to Gain

Great Britain poundThe pound gained today versus several important currencies and specially versus the euro after a report showed an increase in the U.K.’s inflation, helping speculations that interest rates will be raised in the country to grow.

Canadian Dollar Rallies Fueled by Oil Performance

Canadian DollarThe Canadian dollar managed to climb versus most of the 16 main traded currencies as its main export, the crude oil, advanced today after posting its sharpest fall this year in the beginning of this week’s session.

Dollar on Record High Before Reports

US DollarThe U.S. dollar reached the highest rate in more than 2 months as a speculations regarding a series of reports to be released today indicate that favorable numbers will help the Federal Reserve to lift stimulus measures raising attractiveness for assets in the world’s wealthiest nation.

Dollar Down Slightly on Temporary Risk Appetite

US DollarAfter several days gaining versus most of the 16 main traded currencies, the dollar dropped since risk appetite provided strength for currencies to gain versus the greenback, erasing partially gains earned on previous sessions.

South African Rand Remains Bullish on Dubai Optimism

South African randThe South African rand extended gains from last week as concerns regarding Dubai’s debt declined today, providing support for risk fueled traders to purchase assets in emergent markets and commodity linked countries like South Africa.