Romanian Leu Hits 6-Month High as Political Crisis Eases

The Romanian leu rallied today versus the euro and the U.S. dollar as interest rates were unexpectedly cut in the country after a political crisis that delayed an IMF bailout finally ended, adding confidence that stability in the parliament will lead the nation towards a faster recovery.

After interest rates were cut today to 7.5 percent at the lowest level in a year, the leu rose versus most of the main currencies, as a political crisis ended regarding disputes that affected the process of obtaining and using a $30 billion bailout provided by the International Monetary Fund to the Eastern European nation. The optimism regarding better economic days for Romania with political stabilization helped the leu to rally today.

EUR/RON closed at 4.1838 from an opening rate of 4.2137. USD/RON ended the day at 2.9033 from 2.9139.

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