Mizuho expects weakening the Japanese currency

The Japanese yen fell to a two-month low against the single European currency against the backdrop of growth in the stock markets, triggered by good data on the earnings of the companies – this is yet another sign of reviving the global economy boosted demand for higher-yielding currencies. As the currency analysts Mizuho, interest risk, in general, increases, and this is the explanation for weakening the Japanese currency. In a situation of increasing “risk appetite”, subject to the overall growth in the commodity and stock markets, the yen will remain under pressure. The Bank believes that the end of 2009 the Japanese currency against the dollar may fall to the level of 95.0, against the European currency, bank analysts predict the trade in the range 135.0 – 138.0. Euro / yen is currently traded at 137.97, the dollar / yen is at around 91.91.