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Greek Credit Rating Pulls Euro Down

EuroThe euro had a weak performance today losing versus the greenback and the dollar after Greece credit rating was downgraded by a financial agency, bringing risk aversion up in European stock markets.

Euro to Tumble Further on Market Sentiment Shift

EuroThe euro has been falling steadily since the beginning of the month when it touched the highest rate in 15 months versus the dollar, as speculations emerged in the U.S. that interest rates will be hiked from an all time low, declining attractiveness for the European bloc’s currency.

Euro Rebounds on Abu Dhabi-Dubai Bail Out Plan

EuroAfter falling consistently versus the greenback in the end of the last week, the Euro posted a timid rebound and also gained versus several higher-yielding currencies, as concerns regarding Dubai’s debt eased after Abu Dhabi announced a rescue plan for its brother emirate.

Euro Suffers as Dubai Situation Worsens

EuroThe single European currency approached the yesterday’s minimums against the U.S. dollar and the other major currencies today as the bad news on the Dubai’s troubled debt worsened the global financial outlooks.

Less Liquidity — Stronger Euro. Or Not?

EuroThe single European currency tried to break the latest resistance level, set 8 days ago, as the future of the macroeconomic conditions around the euro were revised after Jean-Claude Trichet’s statement today. But, unfortunately for the euro, the growth wasn’t long lived.

Euro Up as ECB Shifts Stimulus Program

EuroThe euro pared previous losses with a number of currencies this Thursday as the ECB affirmed that a series of measures used to stimulate the bloc’s economy on its way out of recession will be phased out, adding evidences that the economic health in the Eurozone is improving significantly.

Euro Climbs on Stocks Performance

EuroAfter several days losing to safer currencies like the greenback and the yen, the euro had a sharp increase in its rates today after risk appetite returned to markets, mainly after some financial conglomerates posted earnings for the past quarter.

Euro Grows Against Yen on Economical Optimism

EuroThe European currency surged against the Japanese yen and the other major Forex-traded currencies today as the traders reacted to the signs of the global economy recovery with buying high-yielding assets and currencies financed by relatively cheap loans in USD and JPY.

Euro Rally Concerns Central Bankers

EuroThe euro continued to remain near a 14-month high versus the dollar today, as concerns regarding the current strength of the European common currency start to emerge among ECB officials, since a strong euro could jeopardize economic recovery in its member countries.

Will the Euro Be World’s New Reserve Currency?

EuroThe euro is putting pressure on the dollar and started another week gaining versus the greenback as speculations suggest that the U.S. dollar’s position as the main global reserve currency may be entering its final days