Guaranteed Winning Forex System – A Review By Robert D Goldstein

There are many black box software makers that say they have created a guaranteed winning forex system which is a type of mechanical trading system. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The term mechanical trading system simply means that all decisions are made for you. In this way, you do not have to research, train or read countless documents on technical analysis or the like. You simply spend the time you have trading.

In describing the best form of Forex trading systems, experts clearly delineate that it is important to understand the logic behind the system. If the system fails to meet this expectation, it is not a viable system to use. In fact, where there is no logic in these systems is typically called a black box system.

There is a theory among Forex traders that trading systems in this medium often fail the trader because there is no logic and therefore create a lack of confidence. This can all lead to potential loss.

As with all of the other currency trading systems recommendations, if you truly want to use a mechanical system, it behooves you to do your homework to ensure you are trading with a company that yields positive results.

Another term associated with Forex trading systems is technical analysis. This is primarily used in manual trading systems. This allows a trader to manually develop a strategy based upon what has happened to a particular currency in the past, and can therefore gauge how it might react in the future. Many Forex users claim this knowledge is most beneficial in determining the strength and/or weakness of a particular currency.

Within the technical analysis method, a trader may use the ability to look at the current movement of the currency price. In addition, a trader who uses this system can ascertain if there are any patterns that are significant and consistent. Also having the ability to access chart patterns allows the trader to recognize the ebb and flow of the pattern to better strategize his plan.

Other systems used among traders who prefer technical analysis are: the relative strength index, stochastic indicator, moving average convergence divergence of MACD, the Fibonacci number theory, Gann numbers, waves, gaps and trends.

While there has been much discussion on whether the use of mechanical systems as opposed to manual Forex trading systems is best, the jury still seems to be out on this one.

Forex trading systems requires one to become fully engaged in every aspect of a system to determine its efficacy. Whether one decides to use mechanical systems, or prefers to use a manual system wherein the results prove to be a tried and true method of Forex trading, the outcome seems to favor manual systems.

Most Forex traders will agree, however, that having the proper strategy when conducting currency trading is essential. Understanding the terms indicated herein will be of tremendous help to you in knowing when to buy and sell, or not to trade at all.

They also recommend learning as much as you can about the different currency trading systems at workshops or via training so that you can decide which will benefit you the most. Over and over again, the word “technique” crops up in many of the Forex trading systems and analysis discussions.

Establishing the perfect strategy involves perfecting your own technique. Most Forex traders begin by using the 30-day free trial offer from some of the online trading companies so they can test out their own theories and find the one that works best.

It seems that while there is no perfect guaranteed winning forex system, once you have decided upon the method of choice to engage in Forex trading, you will be well on your way to understanding currency trading systems in how they operate and how you can use them to your full advantage.

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