Today the direction of the stock exchanges will set the corporate reports

On the agenda reports on income from «Intel» and «Johnson & Johnson». Of particular interest is «Intel» (publish a report after the close of the market). We expect good financial performance.

Yesterday’s trading day was calm and in terms of makrostatistiki, and in terms of corporate reports, but it did not stop the rally of risky assets. European stocks have shown excellent results. The same can be said about the dynamics of the euro, Canadian and Australian dollars.
Today on the agenda reports on income from «Intel» and «Johnson & Johnson». Last published before the opening of markets in the United States. The results of both companies is projected to exceed their expectations, which stimulates the growth of equity markets.
Results «Intel» for 2 quarter were relatively weak, but they still were better than market forecasts. This company does not expect significant changes in the second half, so we expect another strong reduction in annualized revenue. But markets will focus on analysts’ forecasts, and those likely to be frustrated.
From the statistics we are waiting for several reports, the most important of which – Study ZEW. But now in the midst of corporate reporting season, so that statistics will remain in the background, unless there will be any drastic changes.

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