The Growth of dollar / yen may continue to levels of 91.60 and 92.50

At 4 hours chart show how to bid on Thursday, the exchange rate was able to penetrate the upper limit of the descending triangle, and then a strong resistance level at 90.20/40, which led to increased growth and bullish sentiment quotations to a level of 91.20.

Current price level is above the moving averages with periods of 144, 89, 55 and 34.

The MACD histogram is located in the positive zone, crossed its signal line upwards, continues to rise and thus generates a signal to buy the dollar / yen.

Stochastic Oscillator entered the overbought zone and does not give clear signals as% K line crossed with a line of% D.

Therefore, as a confirmation that the increase in the dollar / yen continue, you must wait for the breakdown level of resistance 91.20, which may open the way for bulls to the levels of 91.60 and 92.50.

Resistance Levels: 91.20, 91.50, 91.80, 92.00/10, 92.50, 92.70, 93.00

Current price: 91.09

Support levels: 90.70, 90.50, 90.20/00, 89.70, 89.50, 89.30, 89.10/00