Pound May Climb On Asset Purchase Program Ending

The U.K. currency may be experience a shift on its sentiment as speculations suggest that the current quantitative easing measures used by the nation’s central bank will be terminated, as the country starts to publish positive economic reports, suggesting that the recession may be ending in the British Isles.

This week will be decisive for the pound as inflation yearly numbers are due to be published the next Tuesday, and if forecasts will be confirmed, the numbers are expected to surpass Bank of England’s target below 2 percent for the first time in seven months, fueling even further speculations that quantitative easing measures will be lifted in the U.K. anytime soon this year. The 200 billion pounds used for bond purchasing will have their last part of 25 billion to be used by early February, and the next central bankers’ meeting may already bring better news for the sterling if the country’s monetary policy change its direction.

The pound has been suffering from an insistent recession combined with a struggling financial system and ineffective policies taken by the Bank of England to combat the crisis, but as economic data improves, the pound may advance considerably, since it was one of the currencies who lost the most among the main traded ones in foreign-exchange markets last year.

GBP/USD traded at 1.6277 as of 02:20 GMT from a previous rate of 1.6256 when markets closed last Friday.

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