Morgan Stanley predicts the strengthening of the Swiss franc

According to currency analysts Morgan Stanley, by the end of the Swiss franc could strengthen to a mark of 1.50 against the euro (compared to before. Forecast 1.54), as well as economic recovery and higher inflation leads central bank to stop selling the currency. As noted in the bank, some central banks began to tighten monetary policy, while others have begun to reduce the amount of anti-crisis program – against the background of these circumstances, market participants would react with great attention to the question whether the Swiss National Bank to change the selected course of monetary policy. The bank believes that this will happen as soon as eliminating the need for its conservation. At Morgan Stanley believes that, given the emergence of an increasing signs of economic recovery, both global and domestic foreign exchange intervention policy is increasingly irrelevant. By the end of March, analysts predict a rise in bank franc to a level of 1.48 (compared with before. Prognosis 1.55). Currently, the euro / franc traded at 1.5119.